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I found this shop not only to offer the best price for a new door lock and its fitting, but also the staff were extremely helpful in advising me as to what lock best suited my needs. It was fitted within a couple of days, the locksmith did an excellent job and it is great to feel totally secure now in my home. Many thanks to Smithfield Lock & Key

Conor K:

This place is by far one of the cheaper key cutting services in Belfast. Considering that if you were to lazy too walk out of Castlecourts doors and use the shop in there, it would cost you three times as much to get a key cut. The staff here are a great craic.


I don't mind making the trip here because the staff are so nice and it adds to their service they're providing. It proves that good customer service, results in returning customers.


A locksmith's service is often a simple one. They have the ability to undo locks, install new ones etc. but most of the time they provide a simple but key public service - key cutting.


It's not suprising that I have on more than one occasion lost my house key. Luckily not for a long time and thankfully not at my last student abode which used specially cut keys which had to be ordered at a cost of £40 each.


This little place cut me a replacement key from my house mate's. Smooth and cheap. Didn't take very long and the key was a much better cut than the slightly rough edged original I had.

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